Central Florida C.O.B.R.A.

Spring 2021 COBRA Baseball Team Registration



Welcome to the Spring 2021 COBRA Team Registration!

This registration will allow us to collect primary contact information and payment.  Also, there is important information included, so read thoroughly.

WHO SHOULD REGISTER:  Team Managers should register their TEAM.  You will NOT register your individual players during this process, but you must add players to your rosters.  More info on this to follow.

INDIVIDUALS do NOT register on this website.  Contact your league administrator to find out how to play on a COBRA team.  Requirements vary from league to league.  

TOURNAMENT SEEDING will again be based on Sunday Play (season) performance, with one of the tiebreakers being FIRST TO REGISTER. Your registration will not be complete until payment is received, so complete the process ASAP.

Forfeits and Scheduling - It probably goes without saying, but scheduling 50+ teams from 15+ leagues at 10+ locations is challenging.  We count on everyone to show up and play so all players can have the experience we and they expect them to have.  Furthermore, competing for assets, such as fields and umpires, makes it essential that we play the scheduled games.  When a team fails to show, for whatever reason, it diminishes our credibility with those assets.  This is, of course, in addition to depriving the competing players of their opportunity to play a game.  Because securing these experiences and assets to and for everyone is delicate, yet essential, we do have a rather harsh 'commitment to play' policy and a severe penalty for not playing:

  • If you can not play on a scheduled date, you will forfeit                
  • The score will be 0-6 in Cal Ripken divisions
  • The score will be 0-7 in Babe Ruth
  • Games will count as forfeit even if games are re-scheduled
  • PUNITIVE damages of $250 must be paid if your team misses Sunday Play after games are scheduled before you will be permitted to continue playing COBRA.  This is not only a deterrent, but helps us cover costs associated with the games.



Please direct questions to:

Tim McMullan

Phone: 4073144437